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Should I book a Mini or Full Session?

Updated: Mar 22

The decision to book a mini or full portrait session for your wedding day depends on several factors, including your budget, timeline, and the importance you place on capturing a variety of photos. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

Mini portrait session:

- Ideal for couples or families with a tight schedule or budget constraints.

- Typically shorter in duration, usually around 15 minutes.

- May focus on capturing key moments and essential portraits and combinations of the couple or family

- May not allow for as much time for creative poses, multiple locations, or outfit changes.

Full portrait session:

- Provides more time to capture a wider range of photos and explore different locations.

- Allows for more creative freedom and flexibility in posing and composition.

- Ideal for couples or families who prioritize photography and want a comprehensive collection of images

- Can result in a larger variety of photos to choose from when selecting images for albums or prints.

Ultimately, the decision between a mini or full portrait session depends on your preferences, priorities, and the overall vision you have for your wedding photos. Consider discussing your options with your photographer to determine the best fit for your needs and budget.

If you've done both, which do you prefer? Does one work better for you and your family?



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