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How to Perfect Annie's Shooting and Editing Photography Style for Stunning Results

Shooting and editing styles in photography are important aspects that define the overall look and feel of the final images. Different styles cater to different preferences and can be used to evoke specific emotions or create a certain aesthetic. Here are explanations of some popular shooting and editing styles in photography that I consider to by "my style":

1. Bright and airy: This style is characterized by photos that are light, soft, and have a dreamy quality to them. The images typically have a lot of white space, soft colors, and a light and airy feel. This style is often used in wedding photography, lifestyle photography, and portraits to create a romantic and ethereal look.

2. Crisp and clean: Crisp and clean photos are characterized by sharp details, high contrast, and vibrant colors. This style showcases the subject in a polished and professional manner. Annie's tip: I don't shoot or edit high contrast, but I strive to have a sharp subject with the dreamiest bokeh.

3. Candid: Candid photography captures natural and spontaneous moments without posing or staging the subjects. This style is often used in photojournalism, street photography, and event photography to capture genuine emotions and interactions.

4. Softly posed for natural images: This style combines elements of both posed and candid photography to create natural-looking images that are lightly directed but still feel authentic and organic. It involves giving subtle directions to the subjects to create a relaxed and natural look while still maintaining some control over the composition and lighting.

When it comes to editing, each style may require different techniques to enhance the final images. For example, bright and airy photos may involve increasing exposure, softening highlights, and adding a light and airy feel to the overall image. Crisp and clean photos may involve sharpening details, adjusting contrast, and enhancing colors to create a bold and dynamic look. Candid photos may require minimal editing to maintain the authenticity and rawness of the moment, while softly posed images may involve subtle retouching and adjustments to create a natural and polished look. If you get it right in camera, editing is a million times easier and faster!

Ultimately, the shooting and editing style you choose will depend on your personal preferences, the type of photography you specialize in, and the emotions or aesthetic you want to convey in your images. Experimenting with different styles and techniques can help you develop your unique voice as a photographer and create stunning and impactful images that resonate with your audience.



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